Building a government regulated sexual services industry within Metro-Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA

This initiative is not about the pros or cons of "prostitution" (the sale of sexual services), and accepts the fact that prostitution has been around for a long time and is probably here to stay.

Recent media coverage has educated the Canadian public on the fact that prostitution is legal in Canada, and that it is only the rules (or lack of them) around how prostitution is conducted (in a business sense) that are at issue, and have been challenged in the courts.

The initiative is non-judgmental with an objective to stimulate discussion among the various interest groups and determine how sexual services can be offered in a clean, safe, secure fashion in a way that maximizes the benefits to society while minimizing potential harm.


JOIN the discussion and help answer the following questions:

 - What risks are involved in the sexual services industry ?
 - How can risks in the sexual services industry be reduced or avoided ?
 - How should the sexual services industry be regulated ?
 - What benefits should society be looking for from the sexual services industry ?

What are the risks and how can they be reduced or avoided ?

 - Physical Risks - When talking about - risk - when it comes to sex, essentially what we are talking about is risk associated with having sex with more than one person and how the risk of disease increases as the number of sex partners increases.

 - Emotional Risks - Other - risks - associated with this industry are emotional, such as what are the reasons a person would want to BUY or SELL a Sexual Service and what affect (positive or negative) does this have on a person.

 - VICE - Sexual Services (like Drugs (including alcohol & tobacco)) as well as Gambling are typically viewed as "vice", mainly due to their potentially highly addictive nature and that people use these Products & Services mainly to relieve stress.


GET INVOLVED - Chat - Donate - Participate:

 - Help develop a safe, secure, clean, respectful, beneficial sexual-services industry.
 - Help foster the development of loving environments that can benefit society.